Compact and extremely powerful
24 Volt Black Carbon Fiber by Power Unlimited 110-120 or 200-240 input


This a Ready-To-Use, 24 Volt DC, 75 AMP 1800 Watt Switching Power Supply that stands out from all others!

This unit is designed to provide clean and stable 24 Volt DC (No load is 24.4~24.6 VDC) current from a 120 to 240 AC wall outlet.

This is an excellent power source for all brands of High Output RC battery chargers that take 24 volts for your Car, Heli or Plane batteries.

The compact size 10x3.5x3.5 (25x9x9cm) allows it to fit in most any charging box or tool box. Compared to virtually every other power supply, this unit is smaller and lighter than most.

The Hot looks set it apart while delivering plenty of “Juice” for your hungry charger!

We did not skimp on looks or quality. Dual sets of leads (for 2 chargers at once) are quality 10AWG Silicone wire with Gold 4mm bullet connectors to accept standard Banana Jacks.

The shroud protects the power supply from damage during transport. Pads have also been added to quiet it when on a table or bench. This is one of the quietest power supplies we have ever seen!

These units were pulled from working servers, cleaned, tested and modified for this purpose.

Over the past 3 years, we have sold over a thousand Power Supplies, check out the feedback from our happy customers!

Please note: Our units have been properly modified to run in series and are fully grounded.

Even if you don’t buy our units, beware some sellers simply remove the ground or do nothing to them at all. Any unit that has not been properly floated will eventually cause harm to the power supplies, the chargers AND YOU!

Ready-to-Use including 2 NEW US Power Cord

The power supplies have an “auto-range input” feature meaning, it can automatically adjust to various voltage inputs. This makes these units useful on other countries where “Standard AC” is different from ours here in the US.

The full AC input range is from 100VAC to 240VAC. Also, the DC output does vary based in the AC input. For example:

At 100VAC input, the output is 24VDC, 66.7AMP, 1600Watt

At 110-120VAC input, the output is 24VDC, 75AMP, 1800Watt

At 200-240VAC input, the output is 24VDC, 100AMP, 2400Watt

-To answer the first question below, with 120-127AC input, the output will be 24VDC, 75AMP, 1800Watts.

-The second question, at 240VAC, the output would be 24VDC, 100AMP, 2400Watts.

-Fourth regarding protection, all units have a quiet variable speed fan, auto overload protection and thermo protection. If any overheat or overload condition occurs, the unit will automatically shutdown. Once the cause is corrected (load reduced or temperature reduced), the unit can be reset by powering it up again.


110~120 AC input /9.9A (X2) 200~240 AC Input /7.8A (X2)

1800 Watt Max 2400 Watt Max

75 AMP Output 100 AMP Output

24.4~24.6 VDC Output 24.4~24.6 VDC Output


Size: 9.75” L x 3 3/8” W x 3 3/8”H or 25x9x9 cm

Weight: 5.1 Lbs (2320 gm)

These units have autorange inputs meaning, they will accept input AC voltages ranging from 100 volts to 240 volts. This allows them to be useable in the US as well as other countries where 208~240 volts AC is common.

As a result of the varied inputs (100V to 240V) the output amperage also varies. Think of it like the power difference between using a 5 cell pack versus a 10 cell pack in your plane. The 10 cell pack (more input) will give you more watts (output).

We list both specs because we do sell many of these units overseas. So, the specs are as follows:

Input 110~120VAC (US) = Output 24VDC at 75Amp.

Input 200~240VAC (Europe) = Output 24VDC at 100Amp.


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