2M Agenda designed for the Contra Drive. The latest G2 design from BJ Craft.

Direct from BJ Park:

Agenda CD Specification:
Designed by BJ PARK
Manufacturing by BJ CRAFT
Wingspan 1800mm
Length 2000mm
Wing area 58.6 dm2
Stabilizer area 16.2 dm2
Spinner diameter 82-83 mm (Contra Drive)

Aileron servo on/above 6kg 2ea Servo
Elevator servo on/above 6kg 1ea Servo(Full moving)
Rudder servo on/above 8kg 1ea Servo
BJ Prototype: all SAVOX 1256TG 4ea
Net weight(ARF) 2100 g
weight 4800g-4900g
CG Wing Root from L/E 215mm (Wing bolt)
RC system 5 ch 4servo 1ESC

Difference of Agenda design from that of Essence is as following:
Conta drive prop makes a lot of turbulent swirl wash (about 2 times) than single prop does, so tail planes are in the turbulent,
yaw instability and pitch instability are larger cpmpare to single prop.
as a result arrow track straight feel is nothing (in the drift state)
The above were the result of CD installed on G2 plane has neccessary and enough tail area, if it is converted with CD,
the performance is better than that of other planes. In my opinion the performane of converted Essence is 60% of the merits of CD.
Through Agenda I targeted to 80% of merits of CD and I designed Agenda to have at least same or better arow track straight feel than single prop.
-Datum line of fuselage is changed. vertical is higher 6cm than that of G2.
-Optimized down thrust for CD was applied.
-Nose moment was shortened 3cm : to guide turbulent swirl flow.
-the distance between main wing and canalizer was lengthened to enlarge tunnel effect.
-Height of landing gear is taller 3cm using that of Nuance. improved yaw stability.
-Rudder was reshaped to meet 2m limit with CD
-Plane form of Main wing was changed similar to elipticalshape.
-New airfoil for consumption of battery 200mah,consumption is similar with single prop.
Through the above modified design, as Agenda has both merits of G2 and CD it has the best performance.
Flight is more stable in lower speed and better arrow tack straight feel compare to single prop plane.
Best regards,
B.J. Park.


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