Gator-RC Flow-Thru Spinner 82mm Red 3.25 inches_2

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Gator-RC spinners are heavy duty slotted plastic cones with a CNC aluminum slotted and pitched backplate. Read our Reviews! One of the most popular spinners we sell.

  • It is suitable for both gas and electric planes. 
  • Propeller slots will fit the most of the popular prop sizes we sell.
  • The cone is FAI shaped.
  • The hole in the backplate for the motor shaft equals .315" or 8mm
  • May require an optional Gator-RC set of 5 prop and spinners inserts. Product Code: GRCPI


  • The backplate has been drilled to fit an 8mm shaft
  • Nose to backplate dimension is 72mm
  • Weight: 48g.
  • Size:  3.25 inches/82MM


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