Jaccio High Voltage Perfect Switch regulator 7.5 volt output_1


Jaccio Brand High Voltage Perfect Switch battery regulator 7.5 volt output.

Comes with a light weight integrated switch No more crashes due to switch failure! Improves servo life Has extra charging plug that allows direct to the battery charging Provides consistent speed and torque thru out the flight. This helps to have a consistent flight start to finish

The switch is open during flight. No power lost in switch. The Jaccio Regulator works at lower battery voltages. No more guessing when to discard old switch harnesses. Universal connectors work with Futaba, JR, Airtronics-Z, and other brands.

Weight is 21 grams or .75 ounce.

Input voltage 7.7Volts to 15 volts

Output Current up to 5 amps


Note regarding Jaccio Regulators from Jim Oddino the manufacturer:
The specs on both units are the same with respect to input voltage and output current.

The maximum input voltage is 15 volts. For regulation the input voltage must be at least 0.2 volts higher than the regulated output voltage, so for the 5.7 volt regulator it must be 5.9 volts or higher. If the input voltage drops below 5.7 volts the output will be .2 volts lower than the input voltage. The maximum output current is 5.0 Amps.

However, that is not the whole story. The device has built in protection and is really limited by temperature which is a function of ambient conditions, power dissipation, and heat sinking/cooling. So you want to minimize the difference between input voltage and output voltage and minimize the current. On a five cell NiCd you can pull five amps continuously because you have a very low voltage drop from input to output. With a 2s LiPo at 8 volts this is not so. However, in modern day pattern planes, especially electric powered, the average current is so low there is not a problem with 2s Lipos. I have had success with a 3s LiPo tap on the main battery pack supplying an 8.2 volt regulator on a pattern plane so you can see there is margin with a 2s.


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