BJ Craft Nuance 70 the only YS 70 or Electric capable 70 sized F3a

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BJ Craft Nuance 70 Composite Plane


A completely new concept to the market. Why do you have to buy a large 2m competition ship in order to get the state of the art lightweight composite construction.?

 As one of three in the 70 series, the Nuance 70 has the molded composite lightweight fuselage that is removed from the mold, beautifully prepared and hand spayed in acrylic paints and  finished in a tough high gloss lacquer producing the same elegant finish found on the top line competition ships.

There is nothing outside of the competition ships that have this type of quality  finish.

The lightweight matched precision flying surfaces and rudder are covered in high quality matching colors of top quality films

It goes without saying that the aerodynamics are drawn from the well developed and respected bigger sister so you can expect smooth and pure flying characteristics to match the quality.
All moving tailplane arrangement for state of the art precision  

Designed for 5s or 6s lipo power or IC

Wingspan 1500mm
Length 1600mm
Wing area 41.6 dm2
Stabilizer area 9.08dm2
Spinner diameter 63 mm
C.G C.G Wing front edge back 120mm
Weight 2400g GP -2800g EP motor All motor
GP motor YS70
 EP Motor Li-Po. 5-6cell
RC system RC system 6ch 4 servo 1 ESC or 6ch 5 servo

Spinner size is the 63MM. See the new line of Gator-RC Products turbo cool spinners in 5 colors with turbo cool aluminum backplates

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