Tech-Aero FlexReg PLR5W Adjustable Voltage regulator 5.75 up to 7.75 voltage range


The PLR5W provides up/down programmable, output, of 32 voltage settings within each of two jumper selectable voltage ranges, supporting standard, HV or WV servo voltage requirements.
The factory setting is 6.20V +/- .01V, which can be changed with a simple procedure using a voltmeter and a small screwdriver or similar electrically conductive, small hand tool.
To start with, select a suitable battery that has adequate capacity for your application.
The PLR5W can operate in “standard” servo voltage ranges with a 2S LiPO, a 2S LiFe or a 5S NiCad or NiMh battery pack.
For operation with HV or WV servos, a 2S LiPo is recommended.
Power to the receiver is controlled by the PLR5W ON/OFF switch.
Programming the unit for your custom voltage output is very easy, an easy to understand manual attached to this product listing to help better understand the steps required.
There are two programable ranges available. The low voltage range goes from 5.75V to 6.65V, The higher Voltage range is from 6.68V to 7.75V with all having 32 setting available per range.
A single FlexReg PLR5W is suitable for use in typical model airplanes up to about 84” wingspan, weighing less than 15 lbs and utilizing 6 or fewer high torque digital servos.
For models of this size with unusually large control surfaces (3D capable) or for models up to about 105” and 25 lbs weight, a 2nd PLR5W should be used to handle the additional load.
For more advanced user requirements, a full technical manual is available at the Tech-Aero website at, which applies to the PLR5W as well as all previous Tech-Aero FlexReg voltage regulators.


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