Adverrun belted Single prop Drive unit_1


 From the manufacturer:
We have been approached by different pilots in the last year that looked for ways to push their conventional (single propeller) setups forward
asking for more power at reduced weight.
We have therefore modified our contra design for single propeller application. The outcome of this is a drive that delivers 3kw at a weight of 470g - 500g.
The drive will spin typical propellers used in F3A (21x13, 21x13.5, 22x12). Tachometer readings we have seen range from 6200 - 6500 rpm 
Robert and I (Malte) are happy to announce that we completed a small batch making this product available now.
Overall it has been a pretty open secret that we worked on a conventional single propeller drive and we have been approached countless times already asking for availability.
So we are delighted to finally make this official now.
 Comes complete with a Kontronik Pyro 650-78 Motor
 The prop shaft is 8MM
Spinner is not included. Fits any conventional spinner sold here.
 Weight complete is 470 grams less the thrust washer and prop bolt assembly.


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