BJ Craft Etude 2 meter ARF_7


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Full size Pattern Model

Etude (āˈt(y)o͞od/) EP F3A ARF

Designed by BJ PARK
Manufacturing by BJ CRAFT


This is a letter from Mr BJ Park regarding his new offering:
Thank you for your interest in Etude,
Fuselage is the same as Nuance, but main wing, stab and rudder are different from those of Nuance.
The purpose of the change is to make its tracking performance the same as G2's.
Performance of Etude is the same as G2's except the performance influenced by canalizer.
Knife edge loop can't be made smaller than G2 canalizer type makes. G2 easily makes smaller knife edge loop than full up elevator loop.
So all classes do not need the above smaller knife edge loop can use Etude.

Best regards,
B.J. Park.

Wingspan 1820mm/ 72 inches
Length 2000mm/78.70 Inches
Wing area 57 dm2/ 225²
Stabilizer area 14.2 dm2/ 56²

Spinner diameter 70 mm/ 2.75"

Aileron servo on/above 6kg 2ea Servo JR 9411 6V or HV/ Spektrum A6220 HV Dig Low-Profile Hi-Torque
Elevator servo on/above 3kg 2ea Servo JR 3421/NX3421 WV or Spektrum A5060 Mini HV Digital Hi-Torque
Rudder servo on/above 8kg 1ea Servo JR 8411 or 8411HV or Spektrum A6260 HV Digital Hi-Torque Metal Gear Aircraft Servo

Net weight 1900 g Lightest in category
weight 4400g-4700g
Perfect for a Himax 210Pro, Hacker Q80 13 or 14XS or the ever popular Plettenberg Advance 30-10 motors
Prop size 21.5 x 13 Falcon V2 CF with a Falcon or a Gator-RC Flow Thru 70 mm /2.75" spinner
Stab fences available to increase forward stability if so desired.
Comes with all the hardware such as horns, linkages, composite landing gears, fiberglass wheel pants, wheels and axles.
Canopy is fitted and the latch is installed,
Upgrade hardware packages available please call for advise.
We also provide full building services if you either lack the confidence/skill/desire or time to complete this task. Again call for details.

So you ask what is an Etude?:


a short musical composition, typically for one instrument, designed as an exercise to improve the technique or demonstrate the skill of the player.


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