Caelus 2 Meter Pattern Plane New Paint Scheme On Sale!!!!


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Caelus 2 Meter Plane with new color scheme.  

1. Full fiberglass construction, sandwiched by Airex, balsa & epoxy.                            
2. Beautifully painted outside the mold so there are no ugly seams seen on most all composite planes.
3. Wing and stab have incidence adjusters pre-installed.
4. Detachable main wing for easy transportation
5. Removable hatch on the fuselage for easy access into the plane and change accessories.
6. High-quality Alu push rod.
7. Carbon fiber landing gear included

8. Weight an incredibly low 2200 Grams before equipment.
9). One of the most extensive hardware kits included of any plane on the market.
10.). More than 95% assembled completely in the factory.

This plane uses a 82MM Spinner
 The Himax 210Pro 20 Pole outrunner motor or the Plettenberg Advance 30-10 are a great match for this plane
 Servo's JR 9411 Aileron. 3421 Elevator and one 8411 for the rudder are a great choice and available in a 6 Volt or an HV version.
ESC: Castle Creations HV80 Edge or Edge lite, or a Jeti Spin99Pro.


 The T-Can or Cantilizer is the small top wing seen on a majority of modern F3a/ Pattern planes used today.
 The T-can has 3 specific advantages associated with it.
 #1, It adds lift or square area. Normally the incident on this wing is set to match the main wing around .08 degree. The reason we need the lift is that we are incorporating a slightly smaller main wing with a relatively short wingspan. This is to aid in snap rolling. This is the main reason this plane has this device. Designers are saying it's about 75% of the reason to have them.
 #2. The T-can directs the flow of air more directly on the tail end/ fin of the plane. This adds better yaw stability.
 #3 The T-can increases the effectiveness of the rudder when at speed to do rolling maneuvers. This allows less knife edge pitch and more axle rolls.
 So next time someone tells you the T-Can is useless let them know it's there for very sound reasons.


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