V4 Contra Rotating Propeller Drive System

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  • Lowest All-up Weight of any Contra Drive - 600g, excluding motor mounting system ..
  • 200 Flights Before Regreasing –Drive has a “Grease Reservoir” that uses centrifugal force to meter out grease to the gearset ..
  • Motor Temperature Heat Rise – Drive is designed to function as an active heat sink for the motor - Drive has been field tested at over 45C ambient - Motor magnets are certified for 150C, and motor windings are certified for 300C ..
  • Maximum Reliability and Durability - Gears and bearings in Drive will last for the life of the Drive – 4mm diameter needle bearings used for planet gears ..
  • Improved Sound Quality – Syncopating rhythm sound eliminated for all prop sizes – Sound decibels 2db to 4db below 94db f3a limit..
  • Performance – Stock motor is rated at 2,000W continuous, and 3,500W intermittent for 5 seconds ..
  • No Disassembly for Regreasing - Regreasing can be done through hole in driveshaft ..
  • Smallest Package Size of any Drive –  Smaller diameter, and shorter length, than many single prop setups - Can be fitted into narrower airframes than many single prop setups can ..
  • Backwards Compatible - Motor plate and rear support can bolt into existing V3 Drive installations, and motor shaft can be shortened to match rear spinner to nose of plane – Uses V3 Contra spinner sections and props ..
  • Future Compatibility -  Drive is rated for 4,500W – Different size motors can be used in the same installation ..
  • Manufacturing Build Quality – CNC machined tolerances as close as +/- 0.005mm  - Machined aluminum spinner sections are available in many anodize colors (red, black, purple, gold ..)
  • Maintenance & Service – Gearset can be removed front, leaving motor and Drive in plane - Drive can be removed from front, leaving motor in plane – Drive can be completely disassembled using only two hex keys and a 10mm wrench ..

Note while the photo may appear to show a belt that in fact is the carbon fiber mount.

This drive is gear driven!!!


Q & A


1. Gear Ratio – 7:1
2. Drive Mass, including Motor, Propellers and Spinners, but excluding Mounting Plates and Rubber Mounts – 600g +/- 10g
3. Propeller Mass – 50g +/- 5g
4. Spinner Diameter – 82mm
5. Spinner Length – 85mm
6. Propeller Diameter – 22” (558.8mm)
7. Maximum Drive Wattage – 4,500W
8. Maximum Motor Wattage – 2,000W Continuous, 3,500W Intermittent (5 sec max..)
9. Propeller Balance – Within 0.05g at the tip in two perpendicular directions