EME 70CC AS (Auto Start) Twin Gas Engine includes mufflers


Eagle Master Engines are the new kid on the block taking value for your money to new heights. Not your normal Chinese production engine, the EME 70cc twin offers power and quality unmatched by it'scompetitors. At over 7 HP and the smoothness of a twin, imagine the performance!  Fashioned similiarto the DA line of engines, the features are very similiarin that the casing covers part of the carb giving the engine less moment to vibrate loose. Smooth running, great RPM ceiling and transition, this engine will turn your mind when it is installed in your new model aircraft whether it is a IMACor Scale.

Some cool things about the EME 70

Walbro Carb

Ceramic coated cylinders

NSK main bearings

IKO rod bearings

Rcexl HV (6-12V) Ignition.

Only 250mm Plug Cap to Plug Cap

Same foot print as EME55/60 (DLE55)

Same prop bolt pattern as EME55/60 (DLE55)

Warranty is 18 Months and the engine is servicable in the US. (Engines bought direct from China are not covered)

Displacement: 70 cc 
Weight: Engine - 1800g  Muffler - 165g Ignition - 190g
RPM Range: 1,200-7,500
Output: 7.1 hp @ 7,000 rpm
Requires: unleaded gasoline, oil, ignition battery & propeller
Includes: Engine, Ignition, Mufflers, Spark Plugs, Exhaust Gaskets, Bolts, Standoffs, Manual, and Decals
Suggested Propellers: 23x10, 24x10, 24x12 (3-blade: 22x10, 22x12, 23x10) - Load for 6,100 to 7,100 RPM.

Technical Data:
Ignition Battery: 6-12V 
Compression Ratio: 7.6:1
Gas/Oil Mix: 30:1 ~ 35:1
Replacement Spark Plug: NGK CM6 or equivalent

Ignition: Rcexl (HV up to 12V)

Carb: Walbro



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