Gator Power Pack 5S 5200mAh 30C Lipo Battery_5


New this year lighter weight!!!!!! 40 Grams less than before same great performance and capacity.
This is a true under-rated mAh 5200 pack at a higher C rating than our previous Power Unlimited packs.Gator Power Pack 5S 5200mAh 30C Lipo Battery.
Made to hold up to the rigors and high demands of F3A flying.
F3AUnlimited and Gator-RC worked diligently to bring this new line of Lipo's to market to meet these demands.

 5 cells 18.5 volts charges to 21 volts.
Weight 585 Grams now!!!!
Length 137MM/5.4"
Height 43MM/1.7"
Width 49MM/1.93"
Output leads are 12G (No connectors)
Balancer plugs JST/XH (Align, Hobby King)


 Lighter packs are the result of:

 A more advanced ceramic diaphragm and electrode tab with high capacity density are now used during cells' production.


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