Gator RC 1" Carbon Fiber Wing Tube and Sleeve (GC1006_2


Gator RC Carbon Fiber Tubes are made to our specifications. This is a Heavy Duty and very strong utilizing a cross weave pattern
 36 long x 1 inch or  25.4mm x 914mm



  • Material:   Carbon Fiber Wing Tube and Sleeve
  • Length:  36"
  • Diameter:  1 inch/ 25.4
  • Thickness:  Tube is Cross Weave CF with a 2.3mm/0.0905" thickness. Outer sleeve is a black painted FiberGlass .7MM/0.0275591"
  • Weight:  Inner tube 7.6oz. Inner 215Grams Outer sleeve is 2.6 oz/73.7Grams
  • Outer Diameter of Tube & Sleeve:  26.4mm/1.039"



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