Hacker Q80-7L V2 _4


New Q80-7L V2 made in Germany Special Order allow 2 weeks.
This is a great fit for the TopRCModel P-51 and ZeroFighter Warbirds
Straight bolt on. Prop bolt pattern is a common DLE55 type.
The prop used would be a 23x16 2 bladed.
We recommend that you pair this with our Power Unlimited 6S 4600 packs x 4 to make it a 12S 2P 9200 mAh pack.
The Q80-L fits perfect to electric powered large rc-models. Ideal for 3D / aerobatic models with ~ 2.5 -2,6m span and up to ~ 12kg (Aerobatics 15kg) kg weight. Also in scale models to ~ 20kg or fast WW2 models to 18kg, the motor makes a good figure.
The new Prop adapter with 30mm bolt circle and 4 x M5 screws transmits the high torque of Q80 perfectly to the Prop.
Technical Data:
Powerrange max. 7000W (15 sec.)
Idle current bei 8,4V 1,7A
Resistance 0,012 Ohm
Kv 155
Weight ~ 1335g
Diameter 88,5 mm
Length (Backmount - Prop) 89,3 mm
Pole 28
recommend ESC Jeti 170 OPTO
recommend Timing 25-30°
Shaft 10mm


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Video Of Hacker Q80-7L