PT Model 27 x 10 Gas Carbon Fiber Propeller_5


PT Model 27 x 10 Gas Carbon Fiber Propeller

PT Carbon props are molded from high-quality epoxy resins and woven carbon fiber cloth, which are certified for use in full-size aircraft.

These propellers are supplied factory balanced and excel in lightness, rigidity and low noise. 10mm bored hole in the center for gasoline/petrol engines.

PT high-performance propellers from the Czech Republic feature hollow molded blades fabricated from unidirectional and bi-directional carbon fiber and epoxy.

While very light, they are super strong.

Solid Core hub good for drilling.

The prop weighs Approx. 6.9 Ounces/196 Grams
Hub thickness 25MM/ .98"
Hub Diameter 54mm/ 2.12"


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