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America's Most Popular R/C Trainer - Now built for Electric or Glow Power!


The SIG KADET LT-40 EG ARF follows the long tradition of the Kadet R/C trainer airplanes. It maintains the signature Kadet stability which automatically corrects itself when the controls are released - a simply invaluable feature on a trainer plane. You won't find another trainer that can fly slower due to its large size and light wing loading features. The slow speed capabilities allow beginner pilots more time to think, to react, and to understand what the airplane is doing. This speeds up the learning process and gets new pilots flying like a pro in no time.


What is new with the KADET LT-40 EG is it is a KADET that has been redesigned to accept either electric or glow power. No matter what your power preference, you can still learn to fly with a KADET.


NO FOAM! The SIG KADET LT-40 features authentic balsa wood construction, making it lighter, stronger, and more durable than other popular trainers. It is meticulously covered with UltraCote® premium polyester material. The KADET LT-40 is designed for fast assembly with a minimum number of parts, and the detailed photo-illustrated SIG instruction manual guides you easily through each step. A SIG spinner, Kavan wheels, SIG Easy-Hinges, pushrods, engine mounts, and Du-Bro fuel tank are all included hardware. 


The Perfect Airplane for Learning to fly R/C! Legendary Kadet Flight Performance: 

  • Slow Flight Speed
  • Hands-Off Stability
  • Easy to Fly
  • Light Wing Loading
Wingspan 70 in 1778 mm
Wing Area 900 in² 58.1 dm²
Length 57 in 1447 mm
Flying Weight 6 - 6.25 lbs 2720 - 2835 g
Wing Loading 15 - 16 oz./sq. ft. 47 - 49 g/dm²
Radio Required
(not included)
4-Channel with 5 Standard Servos (glow)
4-Channel with 4 Standard Servos (electric)
Motor Required Glow or Electric (not included)
Glow Power: 2-Stroke .40 - .46 cu. in. (6.5 - 7.5 cc)
4-Stroke .40 - .54 cu. in. (6.5 - 8.8 cc)
Electric Power: 500 - 800 watt (800 - 1000kv) Brushless Motor;
50 - 75A Speed Control (ESC);
3S-4S 4000-5000 mAh LiPo Battery Pack


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