Gator RC 25mm Carbon Fiber Wing Tube and Sleeve (GC1002)


Carbon fiber tube with black fiberglass socket. 25mm X 850mm (0.98 x 33.56 inches)

Outside Diameter of the tube and sleeve is 25.88mm Gator RC Carbon Fiber Tubes are made to our specifications. They are lightweight and very strong utilizing a cross weave pattern 25MM x 850MM Carbon Fiber Wing Tube and Sleeve with a black fiberglass thin walled sleeve, Length: 850mm / 33.46 inches Diameter: 25mm / .984 inches Wall thickness of tube: .85mm Weight: 2.80 grams per inch Outside diameter of the sleeve is 25.8mm Now improved with lighter weight Sleeves that have a wall of .0085 inches or .22mm thick

 Weight of the full 850mm length is 92 grams or 3.27 ounces


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