F3A Unlimited Ball Bearing Adjuster 2.8mm (FH5008) works with 4-40 or 3mm threaded turnbuckles_1


Ball link with bearing with 2.8mm hole for 4-40 to 3MM threaded rods or turnbuckles. 

Sold individually and in 4 packs

The shaft of the link measures 5.37 in diameter and can be drilled to fit any sized rod 4/40 or 3MM is not a problem.

Note:  When using these the bearings must face the top. The 2mm screws head go up against the center ring of the bearing. There is a small plastic washer/spacer that sandwiches between the bearing and the servo arm. This is very important. The 2MM screws are a perfect match to all of the Secraft servo arms that we sell.


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